World’s smallest & most versatile water jet system

Transform Your Equipment

One device, multiple uses



One device, multiple uses


Propel yourself forward with less effort



Rechart the course


Uncover more adventures

Versatile SCUBAJET Concept

Modular | Eco-friendly

Modular | interchangeable tube sizes up or down to meet your needs

Eco-friendly | E-technology ensures no harmful impact to the environment


Bigger Tube – More Battery Runtime

  Neo Pro Pro XR
Performance 500 W*(*upgradeable to 1000 W) 1000 W 1000 W
Speed up to1.5 m/s,
4.92 ft/s
up to2 m/s,
6.56 ft/s
up to2 m/s,
6.56 ft/s
Length 33.6 cm,
13.2 in
42 cm,
16.5 in
58 cm,
22.8 in
Weight 2.4 kg,
5.29 lbs
3 kg,
6.6 lbs
4.5 kg,
10 lbs
Battery runtime up to 1h up to 2h up to 4h
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Motor Unit

SCUBAJET Propulsion™​

SCUBAJET Propulsion’s compact size and superior
safety outperforms conventional prop systems.

Automatic shut-off to prevent runaway

Emission free and eco-friendly

Optional Mesh safeguards against debris intake


The SCUBAJET concept offers stackable batteries for extended runtime. The smart battery modules are airplane legal | The High Density modules offer you more capacity in one battery.

Smart Battery

The smart stackable Fly Battery goes where you go, and fits in your carry-on.

The advanced battery management system shows your battery status in an easy and smart way.

High Density Battery

Smart power technology offers you more capacity in one battery.

Harness Attachment


Versatile mounting system for essential accessories

LED Nose

Illuminate your night adventure

Optional high-tech LED light illuminates your night adventure.

Night Experience

Stand Up Paddling

Wreck Diving

Scuba Diving


For all different applications

The controller system adapts to different applications and ensures perfect handling over and under the water.

SSC – SCUBAJET Smart Connect​

Wireless Communication and Energy Interface*

Dual Hand Controller

Provides an intuitive and variable operating concept.0

Remote Control

BT link extends wireless connection for an interruption-free journey.

Slide-in adapter – the most versatile plug and play solution on the market – mounts your SCUBAJET to your US or slide-in finbox in seconds.

SCUBAJET Dashboard™​

Stay Informed

The integrated display shows you the important information you need.