Ahead of its time

The ultimate E-Foil/E-Surf Combo.

Usability and purpose converge to create the ultimate E-Foil and E-Surf board. We poured our heart and soul into every detail to deliver a unique masterpiece of unparalleled performance.

  • E-Surfing and E-Foiling with one board
  • Seamless Quick Release System
  • Stackable battery
  • Jet propulsion

Foil meets Surf

One board, two passions

A sleek design and an unprecedented board that meets both the needs of e-foiling and e-surfing? Challenge completed. As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too.


Watch the water powerfully pass beneath you as you fly above it for a smooth and serene ride.


Feel the grip of your board as your feet carve the water for a ride of speed and adrenaline.

One board for two
complementary sports.

Woman e-surfing on the SCUBAJET Performance E-Surf Board
Man e-foiling on the SCUBAJET Performance Series Hybridboard

Leave the tools at home.

Quick Release System

SCUBAJET brings you the world’s first E-foil and E-Surf board without screws. Our Quick Release System (QRS) allows you
to transform your E-Foil into an E-Surf and back in seconds. No tools. No Fuzz. Nothing like it on the market.

It takes two moves to connect your wing to your motor unit and assemble the mast.


Slots for up to two batteries allow you to load your board with the most extended runtime in the e-foil and e-surf industry.



3 hrs



40 min

The choice is yours

Ergonomics and elegance.

The first waterjet system compatible with the Apple Watch gives you a choice. Use the SCUBAJET Remote or the Apple Watch Ultra as your Dashboard.

Apple Watch

SCUBAJET Remote Control


more wings coming soon


Our most ambitious goal was to develop a highly efficient hydrodynamic wing that would reduce drag to the maximum. We have achieved this goal. Together with the SCUBAJET propulsion technology, we have significantly increased the gliding phase, both with and without the motor.

Eliminate Water Resistance


Our Hydrofoil and its components are very efficient. But that’s not all. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, we calculated the water resistance each component created relative to its speed. That’s how the SCUBAJET Zero Drag function was born.

Zero Drag eliminates water resistance by adjusting power dynamically. Turn Zero Drag on from your Dashboard and never again let a wave or the pumping of your own body make you lose momentum.

Jet System

Our motor is low-maintenance. You can replace the impeller without tools. If needed, you can also replace the entire jet unit.

Safety first

The fully corved proppeler prevents insuries


Our jet system is much quieter than propeller drives and even other jets. We developed a special noise-canceling functionality to reduce noise transmission through connected parts like the mast and the board. And, hey, it also runs much more smoothly.


E-foil or E-surf. Waves or still water. With interchangeable jet units, you can adjust the power-to-water-resistance ratio to your liking.

 Our Wave Jet Nozzle has a diameter of 85mm. It’s designed for low drag and to help you glide inside waves longer.


  • Aerospace Aluminium
  • Carbon
  • Fiber
  • Titanium
  • Only Marine Grade material